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We the People are not giving up on a true quality education free from federal control, national standards or curriculum, and a pack of educrats calling the shots.

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Who’s Trump Pick for Education?



I agree with Joy Pullman: “I shouldn’t have to give a flying fig about whom Donald Trump picks for this position.”

But we care, and the figs are flying, because there’s so much power unconstitutionally wielded by the executive branch over local education.

Although Trump did say in a campaign interview that he wanted to eliminate the Department of Education,  it does not look as though that’s going to happen, sadly.  The next best thing is to name a local-control oriented, constitution-loving Education Secretary.

Will Trump do that?

Trump’s choice of ed guru Bill Evers to his transition team spoke hope to those opposed to Common Core.   Evers, a scholar at Hoover Institute (Stanford University) had been speaking out and writing bookswhite papersthink tank documents, and columns against Common Core; he served on panels and published opinion editorials  against the nationalization of our formerly autonomous…

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Did anyone notice that, during the first debate that Jeb did not even answer the question posed to him about common core? He was asked if he still supported common core, he ducked the question and proceeded to say he was against everything that common core has become.

Jeb Bush said, “I don’t believe that the Federal Government should be involved in the creation of standards directly or indirectly, the creation of curriculum or content, that is clearly a state responsibility.”

Anyone hearing that statement, knowing that he has been promoting common core for years, can come to only one of four conclusions:

  1.  Jeb Bush either is uninformed about common core.
  2. he is really not against federal control of education.
  3. he is promoting something he does not believe in.
  4. There actually is no federal involvement in common core.

All three are troubling for a potential president of the United States, but which one is it?

Jeb Bush is an intelligent man, so he must know what millions of us parents, teachers and freedom loving Americans know about common core. We know that the federal government was deeply involved in common core at all stages, but it was Big Education and Big Data corporations working with one-world progressives and government educrats that invented it. In a National Review article titled “Jeb’s Misleading Talk on Common Core”, Stanley Kurtz clearly spells out how and why Jeb’s answer was misleading, Kurtz wrote that “I am sorry to say that Jeb Bush has been a leading supporter and cheerleader of this process from the start, often portraying what was in fact an illegitimate federal power-grab as a sterling example of local control.”

Jeb must know that federal funding went to two private advocacy groups, The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State Schools Officers (CCSSO). It was the funding of common core through these two official sounding lobbying groups which allows Jeb and others to get away with saying that common core was “state led”, a completely verifiable lie.

Jeb would surely know that common core was only accepted in 47 states because the Obama administration baited the trap with Race To the Top (RTT) funds (the carrot) and kept states in common core with No Child Left Behind waivers (the stick).

Both of the common core testing consortium, PARCC and Smarter Balanced received federal funds and federal control.

So when he says he is against Federal involvement in education he is either throwing common core under the bus or the truth.

As misleading as Jeb Bush’s answer on common core was, it was his statement in his follow up, which was the most disingenuous. Jeb Bush said that “if states want to opt out of common core, fine”.

It only took three signatures to obligate Florida to common core in late December 2009, but it will take the Florida Legislature and the Governor to get us out. Florida Legislators have said privately that no common core relief will pass while Jeb Bush is calling the shots in Florida. With funding from special interests, Jeb Bush runs Florida’s Education Department like his own fiefdom. Hundreds of FOIA emails prove it.

No bills to stop or even examine common core ever make it out of committees chaired by Jeb Bush cronies. You can see it by watching the committee meeting videos. It doesn’t matter if third graders are unjustly held back, common core must go on.

Last year, when common core became toxic, Florida changed a few words around and then simply renamed common core to a nice new sunshiny name. Florida spent a fortune for the name change just to give cover to common core supporters running for reelection.

This year’s bill praised by Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s future only served to expand and entrench common core in every subject. The bill outlawed all local school districts and from using locally chosen final exams. Jeb said that opting out is “fine”, but who will risk failing the final exam? So district will start school earlier, will use common core curriculum, and will do whatever it takes to comply. Students and teachers will now be evaluated by the least accurate, most error prone, non-validated assessments we have ever had, with no ability to prove their competencies. Florida Senator Gaetz (A Bush crony) is going to force private schools to do the same.

Jeb Bush’s loyalty to the idea of a top down, one-size fits all education system that completely shuts parents and teachers out of the process, may be admirable, if it was not so profitable. Maybe his loyalty is simply to total government control of education, which was the only substantial result of his education “miracle” while Governor of Florida.

Whatever his reason, our children are losing their precious learning years to this agenda riddled, money making scheme called common core. It is not a political issue to parents who see the confusion and stress caused by common core. It is not an academic exercise to teachers who can no longer teach each child in the best way possible. Jeb Bush’s nuanced answer is not just another ploy of political gamesmanship; it goes to his fundamental philosophy of government

The director of APIA Education, Emmett McGroarty, said they graded Jeb Bush with an “F” on education because “Mr. Bush has been unapologetic in pushing these standards into the states”, and that “Bush has done all this to the great detriment of children across the country.

Parents should not vote for someone who is hurting their children. So until Jeb Bush, uses his influence to actually stop common core instead of keeping common core, then it is our duty to see he never rises to the highest office in the nation.



The Florida Council of 100 wants Common Core & Florida officials gave it to them. We deserve to know why!

I would like to suggest a last ditch effort to repeal common core in Florida.  All efforts to appeal to our elected officials have not worked. if you are like me you must have wondered why politicians who espouse smaller government and parental rights seemly ignore  or even encourage the obvious destruction of both. People we once respected and even admired seemed to have turned their back us and their own principles.

In Florida, We have been calling our governor, our state legislatures, and every elected or appointed official of a year trying to convince them to stop common core. Now there are bills in both Florida houses , HB25 and SB1316 that would do just that and never see the light of day. Both are set to die in committee. Now we know why. We learned that we never had a chance to get rid of common core. The fix was in, no matter what the parents and teachers of Florida wanted, Florida was keeping common core.

This video shows Will Weatherford, the Speaker of the Florida House Will Weatherford assuring the Florida Council of 100 that we are keeping common core.  Represenative Weatherforn said “I just want to know the state of Florida is going to have a higher standard they’re going to be common core standards are going to be applicable to the rest of the country they may be called something else I don’t know but at the end of the day the actual standards will be there in the state of Florida will support them and we will have an assessment to determine how our students are learning we will have that”

So there we have it! We can call, beg, threaten and plead, and still we will have common core in the fall in Florida. The common core train wreck has left the station and the people we elected will not do a thing to stop it because that do they work for the The Council of 100 not their constituents.

So let us forget about untrustwrhty politicians and take our case up the chain of command right to the m. mbers of the Florida Council of 100.Many of our legislators are not runnning or running unaoposed< a proble we shoud adress. What it means now is that thay do nopt give a damn what we think or want. However the buisbness men and won=men on the Council areopposed by their conpetition, so thay may care what we think. If concil members like the CEO pf Publix call Weathorford or Goetz the That call will be qnaswerd.

If we are polite but firm It may be pssible to get these bill to the floor for a vote.

or someone behind them is really running Florida. This is why our elected officials ignore us and remain obstantily ignorant about the obvious problems with common core. They have their orders and The Boards of Education changed the name so why risk the wrath of Jeb Bush? Most of our senators are running unopposed so voters be damned.


Legislature has a better chance of working than relying of the establishment in Tallahassee.
That is to apply gentle but firm public pressure on the businesses that seem to be promoting common core as non-profit organizations such as the Florida Council of 100. The members of this organization need to understand that we do not support common core and why. it is possible they if we contact the actual members of the Council of 100 by in-person, email, fax and phone that they can do what the voters have been unable to do. Which is to get HB25 and SB1316 to a vote.


Transcript of Will Weatherford speech to the Florida council of 100:

“I just want to know the state of Florida is going to have a higher standard they’re going to be common core standards are going to be applicable to the rest of the country they may be called something else I don’t know but at the end of the day the actual standards will be there in the state of Florida will support them and we will have an assessment to determine how our students are learning we will have that”

So there it is! we can call, beg, threaten and plead, and still we will have common core in the fall in Florida. The Council of 100 or someone behind them is really running Florida. This is why our elected officials ignore us and remain obstantily ignorant about the obvious problems with common core. They have their orders and The Boards of Education changed the name so why risk the wrath of Jeb Bush? Most of our senators are running unopposed so voters be damned.
This is why It only makes sense to take our case to the business men and women on the Florida Council of 100. Many of whom may not be informed about common core support it as a general principle I amy bewrong bou I did nor=t hear nny whare neaar 100 prople apluding Will WEathorfords statement abou kepping common core . The council members are the bosses but many may not care about education policy at all. It is our job to make tham care, to make them understand waht is wrong with common core and why we oppose it. We sholud not allow them to blindly become attaced to the back lah against common core that our elected officials seem to want to do. Thay have opposition in the form of competitors.

Some like one Senator trade his mony rasiing abiliy (with the paybor with a few excoeprions are delibertyly

o funor even worst try to trick us by re-branding common core to make it “Florida’s standards”. We can not get our legislators to act becasue most of them are running without opposition. Even unopposed many rake in a fortune in campaing contributions. Goups like the Florida Council of 100 doanate the money and get to tell the Legislature whicjh bills to pass and whaich to let die in commniteee. This is whay we havn’t and will not make any progress politically.

and blinndly pull our children into an untested and intrusive educational nihgt nere. Florida is getting spending millions upon millions of our tax dollars to enact a system that is curreny failing miserbly in the first state to fiully imlemnt connon core Nr=ew York State. Time Magazine’s article in the April 21st edition “Skipping Out, Common Core Rest Spark a Parents revolt” is just one of many stories that prove two things. One is that common core is a failure that is harming children and two parents will revolt to protect thier children. With all the information available about common core and with common core so obviously nohing but a means to sieze control of our children and to tap into state tax money there can be only one conclusion made about those who leaving assessmants psysological go down when we ask for the elected officials and Jeb Bush runs the Florida Department of Education. A non profit group In the Public Interest released Thousands of emails that “ conclusively reveal that FEE staff acted to promote their corporate funders’ priorities, and demonstrate the dangerous role that corporate money plays in shaping our education policy.”

Now the question is who on the FC100 is supporting Common core?  The council sent , Three letters out to Florida officials and elected leadership thanking them for supporting common core; one to the Florida Senate Leader, Gaetz and spoeaker of the Florida House, Will Weatherford , another to  Governor Scott in 2013 and one to Florida State Board of Education Chair Gary Chartrand, in 2014, thanking them for supporting common core. Do they actually know what common core really is and how harmful it is to our children? 

We know some of the business leaders  o the council. They may be your friends or neighbors.  We should find out they support common core. May be they need a little education about education.However, I would point out that the following members of the Florida Council of 100 also serve as a membersas  Board of Directors for the Foundation for Florida’s Future one of of Jeb Bush’s so called “charities”:

Susan Pareigis President and CEO of the Florida Council of 100
Carlos J. Alfonso Chief Executive Officer Alliant Partners LLC/Alfonso Architects Carlos Alfonso
Lou Plasencia Chairman and CEO The  Plasencia  Group
Manny A. Fernandez Chairman Sysco Corporation
David F. Dyer David F. Dyer President and CEO Chico’s FAS, Inc.

Jeb Bush seems to be behind every effort to repeal common core and return sanity and parental control back into our school system. Other then the faxt that he is a big goverment progressive he has other reason to support common core. Bill gates who has is been behind common core from it’s inception.
From 2009 to 2013 Bill Gates has piad for Jeb Bush over $5,000,000 to push common core and his UNESCo alighned education agenda.

In  December 2012 Bill Gates donated  $315,000 to the Florida Council of 100 Inc., “to educate Florida’s business and civic leaders on the need for rigorous standards & assessments”

  • October 2010, to Foundation for Excellence in Education Inc. to launch the Digital Learning Council in an effort to bring digital learning to every school, every classroom, and every child $501,485
  • October 2011, to Foundation for Excellence in Education Inc. for general operating support, $1,000,000
  • June 2012 , to Foundation for Excellence in Education Inc. to complete a statewide communications campaign in Florida delivering the message on why there is a drop in school grades, why it is temporary, and how raising the bar on education standards leads to greater student success, $151,068
  • August 2013 , to Foundation for Excellence in Education Inc. for general operating support, $1,500,000
  • October 2013 o Foundation for Excellence in Education Inc to support Common Core implementation, $2,000,000

If we cannot get anywhere with the people like Weatherford, Gaetz, Scott and Stewart, then we need to go up the chain of command and contact the Council of 100 members themselves and ask them: why they support common core and to tell them why we do not!

Any contact information that can be found on the members will be posted on this blog, or feel free to add a post or comment, so please check back. And update us if you learn anything that will help us fight common core.

Video of the  Speaker of the Florida House Will Weatherford basically saying what we all knew, that the fix was in with common core. attached is a letter from the Florida Council of 100 Chairman Chartrand for keeping common core.
I think we should start calling the people on this letter (council members) and the officers for the council on this  website and ask the why they support common core.
Also ask them ans the Florida politicians to read the article in Time Magazine about the rebellion against common core in New York State.
There is only one week to stop common core this year!

Weatherford Assured Corporate Overlords that Plan was to Change CCSS in Name Only in November of 2013
On 4/11/2014 8:42 AM, jjryan2000 wrote:

Will Common Core Undo Rick Scott’s re-election? Yes if we do not stop it!

After recent phone call the two committees that have essentially been sitting on HB25 and SB1316 which would repeal common core, the situation is that if nothing changes, common core, the assessments, the teacher evaluations, and everything else that Bill Gates and Barak Obama wanted are here to stay. Gates paid Jeb Bush 2.5 million to deliver Florida students to the common core Gulag and deliver them he did. Now Florida parents and their children will be paying for their own indoctrination. Paying millions to the same Big Ed companies that invented common core. All this thanks to a Republians led legislature and governorship.

I just saw this video story from the Florida Stop Common core coalition Weatherford Assured Corporate Overlords that Plan was to Change CCSS in Name Only in November of 2013 in the video it is easy to see that the fix was in.

I believe this means is that Governor Scott will lose the election. He will lose a significant amount of his base. A Sunshine State news poll shows that 54% of his base will not vote for him due to his support of common core. I must confess, I will have a hard time voting for him is common core is still here. Having him stand up against common core would ensure his victory but may not work if the Republican House and Senate hold onto to common core.

Governor Scott had a historic opportunity to stop common core without being forced to. If he does nothing or worse keeps saying Florida has their own standards, I think he will be for blamed for common core. Charlie Crist actual signed us into common core, but Governor Scott was in charge when efforts to stop it were quelled and when they were implemented. Coronel Allen West said as “ If Gov. Scott does not clearly renounce the Common Core for Florida, he WILL loose the upcoming election” If Governor Scott feels he has to obey Jeb Bush then he will learn true cut throat politics that only a dedicated progressive like Jeb can show him. If Senator Thrasher want to get his appointment to head some Florida college than he better deliver on getting Governor Scott reelected. Governor Scott could will easily if he speak up before the legislative session is over. But he will be condemned by his silence

I am going to try any way. I have copied the candidate for Florida House and Senate below, but nobody is even running against these people who would sell our children for political favors. If you get any positive response please let me know, I now need to make plans for what will result from this betrayal and it does not involve politics.

Thank you

The Florida TACtion Center has an urgent action page that allows you to email each member on the committee that is holding up the repeal of common core.

Call the Senate Education Committee and the and House Education Appropiations Committee and ask them to approve SB1316 and HB 25; both are called the “Public School Curricular Standards and Assessments” bill.

The Liberty Action center has a webpage where you can email your senator, the governor and others by filling out a single form.

Talking points and more information at